>>|DoDg3r$|M4st3r A.D.M
>>|DoDg3r$| Ice man*
SpLaT ~

>>|DoDg3r$|DezT ;D
>>|DoDg3r$| *F e [A] r_ <~*
>>|DoDg3r$| Flamenguista ^^
>>|DoDg3r$| Aquiles
>>|DoDg3r$| Ale*
>>|DoDg3r$|Muk3k4 D1 R4t0

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Comment posted by Starley, 05/30/2007 at 8:51pm (UTC):
e ai mulekim teu site e doido quanto tu tiver novidade tu me manda flw.
fica na paz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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